The George Mason University chapter of Phi Beta Delta offers its student members mentoring support and assistance from its faculty and staff members who have volunteered their time for this service. Mentors are available throughout the academic year to provide information and assistance to students on a range of issues or questions having to do with university policies and other professional and pedagogical questions. While mentors are usually well informed about questions and issues affecting international students, their most valuable assistance may often be advice that leads a student to the university office that can provide the most authoritative information on a given subject. Mentors will not provide counseling or advice on questions involving personal health, interpersonal relations, legal issues, or questions outside the purview of university faculty and staff. However, mentors should be able to direct students to the appropriate office or person who can provide assistance, official guidance, and responses to student inquiries on these matters.

To be connected to a mentor, contact Phi Beta Delta at George Mason University at